(E–pub READ) We Others New and Selected Stories

  • Hardcover
  • 387
  • We Others New and Selected Stories
  • Steven Millhauser
  • English
  • 12 August 2020
  • 9780307595904

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Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Steven Millhauser review We Others New and Selected Stories 100 Steven Millhauser Ä 0 review “Every reader knows of writers who are like secrets one wants to keep and whose books one wants to tell the world about Millhauser is mine” David Rollow Boston Sunday GlobeFrom the Pulitzer Prize–winning author the essential stories across three decades that showcase his indomitable imaginationSteven Millhauser’s fiction has consistently and to dazzling effect dissolved the boundaries. My first brush with Millhauser He writes with such exuisite precision I almost have the sense that he holds each phrase up to the light turning it back and forth to look at it from all directions then wielding it to refashion even the most mundane tale into something fanciful thought provoking sympathetic troubling He makes us remember what it felt like to think profound thoughts when we were still too young to understand them fully Then through his mature eyes he forces us to revisit our very adult feelings of confusion and puzzlement He weaves fantasy and reality into such an intricate brocade that we must sometimes stop and look closely at the weft to see where one thread ends and another begins This collection of stories was the perfect introduction to his style and range I ll be reading

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We Others New and Selected Stories

Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Steven Millhauser review We Others New and Selected Stories 100 Steven Millhauser Ä 0 review Ys ghosts and a cartoon cat and mouse But all of the stories are united in their unfailing power to surprise and enchant From the earliest to the stunning previously unpublished novella length title story in which a man who is dead but not uite gone reaches out to two lonely women Millhauser in this magnificent collection carves out ever deeply his wondrous place in the American literary canon. I think this collection of stories would be best read a little at a time over a long period of time the themes and tone are all so similar Starting out I found the ideas fresh and interesting but after about the fifth story and there are 21 I was getting really annoyed at how similar everything sounded and then I started skimming which is too bad because many of the stories are well written and insightful Here s what I had to say about each story as I finished you can see the deterioriation of my appreciation as I go alongThe Slap What a curious little story So far so goodI think I m going to like Millhauser A story about the threats known or unknown real or imagined that surround us We want answers and are uneasy when we don t find them I can totally see this story turned into a 70s style avant garde short film The White Glove Millhauser doesn t like resolution in his stories does he uasi gothic uiet tale Getting Closer And tensionMillhauser loves to build the tension with this story and the two previous Okay I get what he s saying here about the anticipation being better than the realization uite well donebut all of this from a 9 year old kid Didn t work as well for me Invasion From Outer Space Not much to say about this short one didn t love it He continues to explore our need to both fit in and feel special whatever the conseuences So so People of the Book Too simplistic for my tastes Nothing to say about this one other than yes books are sacred and magical treat them well The Next Thing Ever wonder what would happen if IKEA took over the world Read this story to find out Really liked the depiction of a super store that appears to be benign helpful even but then once it has overtaken your life it turns out to be The Corporation and not exactly the happy ending you thought it would be We Others Another good story with a good pace where Millhauser gets to keep asking the uestions Why Why me And of course doesn t offer any answers Not a favorite but liked the tension of wondering what will happen in the end A Protest Against the Sun Blah Not sure what this is a study ofmotherfatherdaughter dynamics If so then I wasn t interested Nothing drew me in not even the appearance of the sun protester August Eschenburg Having recently seen the movie Hugo this story is now one of my favorites in this bookloved the references to automatons especially the writing automaton The interactions between characters seemed real than in other stories And the discussion of what it means to be a true artist was great Snowmen Another blah onebut only because now I ve read several of his stories that really highlight joy and anxiety occurring at the same time At this point it seems like yet another story with tension and now it feels like it s getting old Which is too bad because there was some nice imagery of the snow sculptures changing from human form to animal form to intricate scenes to fanciful creatures to finally ephemeral things Barnum Museum An okay story I sometimes get the feeling of d j vu when reading these Millhauser stories because they seem to be so similar in theme or feeling I do like how Millhauser uses we a lot making the narrator a part of the community feeling or angst or mysteryEight Voyage of Sinbad My love of fairy tales as well as the literary references helped me enjoy this oneEisenheim the Illusionist I was interested in this story because I really liked the movie that is based on itThe Illusionist starring Edward Norton Millhauser does a nice job with the fantastical and magical elements in his stories Liked this one better than mostThe Knife Thrower This is yet another Millhauser story where the narrator s community is feeling uncomfortable and unsettled This repetition is starting to drive me crazyA Visit I don t like frogs Nothing to love about this story I was hoping the fried would be introduced to a frog wife of his ownFlying Carpets So tired of the same themes where characters feel conflicting emotions Now I m really starting to skim instead of readClaire de Lune Blah blah blhey this one s a little better Liked the mystery of what girls do when boys aren t around act like boys and the tension of the first stirrings of adolescent feelings of lovelikesexual awakening Not a great story but better than most in this bookCat n Mouse Starting to skimthis is just a description of what happens in Tom and Jerry cartoons with some philosophical bent thrown inThe Disappearance of Elaine Coleman Seriously this one starts out just like many of the others When X happened we weren t sure whether we were excited or disturbed Same tone Same theme Same story Too bad really liked this themea woman so uiet and unprepossessing and unnoticed that she literally disappears from lifeHistory of a Disturbance The pace on this one was a bit better but how can the narrator tell his story if he s given up on wordsWizard of West Orange Totally skimmed this one so didn t even get a true sense of what happened I just got so tired and gave up

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Download Ç PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook Ä Steven Millhauser review We Others New and Selected Stories 100 Steven Millhauser Ä 0 review Between reality and fantasy waking life and dreams the past and the future darkness and light love and lust The stories gathered here unfurl in settings as disparate as nineteenth century Vienna a contemporary Connecticut town the corridors of a monstrous museum and Thomas Edison’s laboratory and they are inhabited by a wide ranging cast of characters including a knife thrower and teenage bo. I m not sure how I missed Millhauser I feel like I should have heard of him or come across his work at some point in my lifeand I m kinda bummed I didn t because he s got tons of skill This collection of old and new work was my introduction to Millhauser so I m not too sure how it compares to his career but this collection has some truly great stuff The first story in the book about a stranger who slaps random people was absolutely stunningworth reading just for the few paragraphs dissecting the craft of a slap alone There were a few duds but they were scattered throughout a bunch of winners