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characters Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 Free read Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Fe for himself apart from his job he buys a home makes it a cozy retreat and gets a cat he names Waltzing Matilda He even has a new love interest the mysterious Professor Caleb Brickner an expert in the Spainish Inuisition and medieval torture Then Reed changes his mind. EnjoyedI really did enjoy this story Especially Reed s character i thought he was wonderful However I really didn t think Jim was worthy of his love I really wished the author had wrote him likeable but i just couldn t take to him Think Reed deserved Reed obviously gets into some trouble with the new love in his life But he is a strong character and with the love and support of his best friends he faces the challenges ahead of him Jim finally realises that Jack will never stay and decides to try and win Reed s love againugh I think he should have suffered a bit tbhIt s a really good story though and I m glad it end with a HEAI would highly recommend

characters Jacks Back Indiscreet #2

Jacks Back Indiscreet #2

characters Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 Free read Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Bear Drummond and Reed Davis His life revolves around Reed his Master and his position as manager of the Club On Jim and Reed's third anniversary Jack Leary Reed's on and off flame comes back and Jim's relationship with Reed unravels Jim picks himself up and makes a li. So when I started this I had the idea the hardest thing for me to deal with and what would piss me off the most was Reed cheating on dumping and then wanting to get back together with Jim Sadly by the end of the book that wasn t even on my radar any Luckily I am writing this a few weeks after reading the book so most of the vitriol has dried up I think Let me start with the good Weirdly enough I can actually pick out some good here Weird because even when I love a book I have an extremely hard time pointing out why and when I don t like a book I tend to not see anything other than what I disliked After Reed dumps Jim we spend a little time watching Jim pull himself together and move on with his life This was honestly my favorite part of the book and I really think I would have liked to see Jim stick to it and find someone who really deserved him but he ends up back with Reed sigh Which brings me to the second good thing I can only think of one book that I have read and liked where one MC cheated on the other The author has to give me some sort of reasoning on the cheater s part that will allow me to forgive him and want the other MC to forgive him That is not to say that I think there is a good excuse but such as in this case where Reed is messed up because of something from his past I am willing to forgive When there is cheating just because someone is incapable of keeping it in their pantsthat loses all respect I have for that person If you can t control yourself then you shouldn t be out with the rest of society rolls eyesOn the other side of that though when Reed tells Jim his deep dark secret it is kind ofdone in a very blas manner It was way too casual on both their parts Then Jim has to expose his dark secret Gasp He was a Ranger and now that Reed knows he won t want him Cripes if the jerk is going to toss you aside for something like that then dump his ass now slams head into wall in an effort to make sense of it What the hell is there to be ashamed of I am guessing it was some sort of OMG a sub can t be a Ranger but that seems an awful lot like you are trying to say that subs are weak and incapable of doing anything but depending on someone else That bothered me a lot When he is with Reed Jim acts much flamboyantbut at the same time very passive and I mean passive not submissive But when he and Reed break up he isn t like that at all There is nothing wrong with his character being flamboyant andor passive but it felt like he was doing it because offor Reed That bugged me Probably just the way I was interpreting it but stillNow the bad There is some seriously bad dialogue in here Seriously Then we have Caleb the creeper Bear thinks Caleb might be a stalker or serial killerbut they do absolutely NOTHING about it speechless Supposedly they can t afford to have Caleb or Jim watched around the clock yet at the end of the book Bear is all We have enough money to keep the evidence from getting buried or lost dumbfounded I m not all up on my securityprivate investigatorbribe prices but it seems to me that it would probably cost a lot to keep evidence against someone from a rich and prominent family from disappearing than it would to hire someone to watch them all night But what do I know Still just the way Bear s whole life is described in the first bookI think he has enough money But where it really fell apart for me is when Reed drugs Jim to keep him safe then takes him to a secluded place What is safe about any of that You don t roofie your lover for the love ofjust no What would even make you think that is acceptable The premise is that Jim just wouldn t listen to them and be safe but none of them actually tried to talk to him about it They just drugged him with if I remember correctly something Reed had confiscated from someone at the club I justithowthere are just NO words for this Lastly the excessive use of the word baby I don t mind it as an endearment I know some people despise it but I actually like it But any endearment can be overused Names can be overused I don t know anyone who has to use the other person s name in every sentence in real life so why do people do that in books confused Anyhow So there were parts I liked and details I liked but they were a bit outweighed by the things that bugged me I m sort of coming to the conclusion that I just don t like the way this author presents her Doms It just doesn t work with my perceptionsinterpretationswhatever Mostly I m just a grumpy badger sigh

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characters Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 Free read Jacks Back Indiscreet #2 ñ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB Jim Menetti was Reed Davis's sub until Reed's old flame Jack came back Jim picks himself up and makes a life for himself apart from his job at Indiscrete He even begins to date but then Reed changes his mindJim Menetti had a life at Indiscrete the Gay BDSM club owned by. This has proven a really hard book to rate and review for me But it came down to one uestion After 14 pages in I did a status update where I said that my stomach hurt and I didn t know if I was going to be able to finish the book While thinking about how I was going to rate and review this book because my feeling about it were so mixed I looked and that again and actually said to myself I kinda wish I hadn t read it now I think that is pretty telling This is not a BDSM book with power exchanges and dominance and submission If that is what you are looking for this is not your book I don t want to spoil anything but the outcome of the story was not what I expected or hoped but I guess you could call it HEA because the MCs were happy But I wasn t I know I am being vague but I really don t feel up to getting into it It just wasn t my thing even though it really should have been It had tons of hurtcomfort and some killer romance towards the end but it just felt wrong to me I can t explain it Please just give me a pass on this oneI can t recommend it but if the premise intrigues you I hope you give it a try and it is to your liking