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  • The Lavalite World World of Tiers #5
  • Philip José Farmer
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  • 15 September 2018
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Philip José Farmer ç 4 Free read The Lavalite World World of Tiers #5 Free read Ý 104 Urthona's private world was a place of sudden land shiftsof mountains that sank into valleys and plans that rose into peaks Ki. In an unlikely case somebody forgot what a lava lamp is let me show youIn the previous book Kickaha and Co ended up in the Lavalite Word This means exactly what the picture above shows the terrain constantly changes and what was the mountain yesterday would become a lake bed tomorrow Some giant peaces of land would detach themselves form the main body make a temporary satellite and eventually come back down There was even some life on the planet perfectly adjusted to survive being whisked off to a temporary moon and back In other words a perfect word to drive a normal person crazy This is exactly how the book started Kickaha realized they are slowly going crazy To add to the fun there were 5 people including him forming 3 groups each one is ready to decimate any other the moment its people turn their backs the wrong way The actual backstabbing began around page 10 or so very soon and never stopped Predictably this book was much better than the previous one The imaginative world itself and its bizarre inhabitants plants animals and humans were great and often made me uestion myself which mind altering drugs Farmer used I mean it in a good sense as I am sure his imagination had some outside help The previous book took place in the good old Earth and it is hard to come up with something original in that department so it was weaker As usual the action was practically non stop Most of the characters were in the flat side but with all the action you really do not have time to think about this The biggest problem was that the book felt exactly like a mix of the second and third books of the series the third one had eually strange worlds and the fourth one had eually desperate attempts of Kickaha not only to survive but also to achieve his goal This feeling of been there done that was the major reason for my lowish rating I also need to mention that if it would not be for the fate of two major people this would be a perfect ending to the series As things stand at this point their fate is left in limbo It took Farmer 14 years to write a new book of the series It had absolutely nothing to do with the tale or the characters of the previous ones

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The Lavalite World World of Tiers #5

Philip José Farmer ç 4 Free read The Lavalite World World of Tiers #5 Free read Ý 104 Cated within Urthona's palace And finding that palace which moved as often as the landscape itself was by no means a simple ta. This book has a great premise where people are trapped on a planet where the ground is constantly shifting like globs in a lava lamp One of my favorite things in Farmer s books is the crazy fauna that he comes up with This book has an animal called the Canonlabra which crawls around like an old fallen tree trunk Its limbs look like stubby branches Its head has an appendage that looks like a candelabrum with a bunch of human eyes on the ends This animal s metabolism produces gunpowder and it can shoot stuff out like a canon I love imaginative ideas like thatI thought this book was a little weak in the sections where the characters got split up and then captured by the local tribes on the planet I thought the tribes were too normal I would have hoped that people living on this crazy planet with weird animals would be weirder than they were in this book The last hundred pages had a lot of good action but it never got as creative or spectacular as the action in The Gates of Creation which is still by far my favorite book in this series Also this book didn t expand on the overall worlds of this series very much It was still a pretty fun brisk read

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Philip José Farmer ç 4 Free read The Lavalite World World of Tiers #5 Free read Ý 104 Ckaha was trapped there with Anana and they were all in desperate straits Because there was only one gate out of that world lo. A pretty good read Farmer explores a very different environment A pocket universe where a world is not stable but moves about even spawns moons for itself which last a few months then merge back with the main body He explores odd types of life that lives there sets an adventure among it allI had remembered the book ending on a cliff hanger but it doesn t There s certainly room for another book he eventually wrote two but the series could end there although I m glad he FINALLY continued it I m going to start the next book Red Orc s Rage today