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  • Madame Bovary
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  • 03 March 2018
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Free download ✓ Madame Bovary ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub All'attenzione della critica come il capolavoro assoluto del romanzo moderno Incentrato sulla superba figura di Emma Bovary donna inuieta insoddisfatta simbolo di un'insanabile frustrazione sentimentale e sociale e giocato su un antiromanticismo ideologico e formale di f. My 3rd reading of this masterpiece written with irony and finesse The eternal story of Emma Bovary and her broken dreams is heartbreaking every timeThe narration is actually uite modern in that the perspective changes uite often from a mysterious first person in the beginning a schoolmate of Charles Bovary to the interior monologues of Charles Emma L on and Rodolphe The descriptions of the various locations in the book are always surprising with tiny references to the principle characters It may surprise you to know that this book which is essentially a tragedy also is full of humor and sarcasm For example when L on and Emma have a rendez vous in the Cathedral of Rouen the Swiss guard who tries to give them a tour of the church while L on is freaking out and wants to get out of there while Emma pretends to be interested because she is not uite sold on the seduction is pure genius In a similar if romantic vein the whispered conversation of Rodolphe and Emma in the lodge as the vice Prefect gives the world s most boring speech his boss couldn t be bothered to come was extraordinary Every word in Flaubert is measured and perfectly weighted to each situation the original French is absolutely splendid whether he is describing the pretentious conversation of M Homais or the various season and their impact on the moods of the characters and tone of the novel The only criticism that I can bring is that the denouement is a bit long that being said there is another fantastic ironic payoff in the last sentenceThis book from 1856 is of course a product of the Romantic period in culture but it surpasses most of its contemporaries by its precise psychology both of men and women its irony its subtle criticism of the petit bourgeois and French society and the meticulous observation of detail Even 161 years later it remains a monument of literature and a summit of free expression Flaubert was pursued in court and beat the censors

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Free download ✓ Madame Bovary ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Ondo Madame Bovary come ha scritto Vladimir Nabokov dal punto di vista stilistico eè prosa che fa ciò che si suppone faccia la poesia Senza Flaubert non ci sarebbe stato un Marcel Proust in Francia né un James Joyce in Irlanda In Russia Čechov non sarebbe stato Čecho. Henry James once said Madame Bovary has a perfection that not only stamps it but that makes it stand almost alone it holds itself with such a supreme unapproachable assurance as both excites and defies judgmentThat s right Defies judgment I don t know he looks kind of judgy to meUnfortunately I had to read a translation as my French is nowhere near good enough to read the original Though I am assured that the prose in the original French are amazing and inspiringI can certainly appreciate the characterization and story telling ability but I personally struggled with the story as I reconciled what Flaubert seemed to be saying about society women women who had affairs men and romanceNow I would like to take a moment to uote Manny s Review since he is the one who convinced me to read this book in the first placeFlaubert makes no obvious attempt to judge EmmaNo Flaubert doesn t break up his beautiful prose at any point with So whilst that is a very nice tree I would like to intrude and mention that Emma is like a total ho So now back to the treeI feel he doesn t do this because that would be superfluous In fact it seems to me that he doesn t stop judging through this entire book image error

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Free download ✓ Madame Bovary ´ E-book, or Kindle E-pub Madame Bovary apparso a puntate sulla Revue de Paris nel 1856 e integralmente un anno dopo incontrò subito un grande successo di pubblico dovuto anche al cla del processo a cui il suo autore incriminato per oltraggio alla morale e alla religione fu sottoposto imponendosi. Oy the tedium the drudgery of trying to read this book I tried to get into this story Really I did It s a classic right And everyone else likes it I kept making myself continue hoping I could get into the story and figure out what s supposed to be so good about itI won t waste any of my precious reading time on this It s about a self absorbed young wife who longs for anyone else s life except her own When she s in the city she dreams of the farm When she s in the country she dreams of the city When she s at a social gathering she imagines that everyone else s life is so much exciting than her own Blah blah blah Too many wordy descriptions of what people were wearing what the buildings looked like etc If you re going to take a long time to tell a story it had better be a good story This one is NOT