And Both Were Young [E–pub Download]

  • Paperback
  • 256
  • And Both Were Young
  • Madeleine LEngle
  • English
  • 21 May 2020
  • 9780440902294

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Summary And Both Were Young ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Madeleine LEngle ¿ 5 Summary T from the others sketching or wandering in the mountainsBut the day she's out walking alone and meets a French boy Paul things change for Flip As their relationship grows so does her self confidence Despite her newfound happiness there are times w. And Both Were Young is good as boarding school stories go and has a sweet uiet romance but I don t think the part of the plot which has to do with Paul s history works very well with the rest of it I mean the wartime amnesia thing is fine and interesting but not the mysterious stranger part Anyway I do like the convincing way in which Flip grows from shyness to confidence during the course of the book and of course I pretty much always like boarding school stories

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And Both Were Young

Summary And Both Were Young ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Madeleine LEngle ¿ 5 Summary Flip doesn't think she'll ever fit in at the Swiss boarding school Besides being homesick for her father and Connecticut she isn't sophisticated like the other girls and discussions about boys leave her tongue tied Her happiest times are spent apar. Dammit I love Flip I love Madeleine L Engle I love the idea of boarding schools Switzerland and French boys and girls snowed into a storm of romance adventure and heartbreaking loneliness I ve also only realized that I ve always had a strange attraction for the widowed father and only daughter stories This one absolutely fills that nicheI ve reread this book countless times now and each read only makes me happier and sentimental for the gorgeous but grounding tales of Madeleine L Engle Some may say And Both Were Young is not her best but for those readers who can appreciate L Engle s work for its simplistic beauty it certainly will prove satisfying and complete I d also like to comment that since I was 12 this book has made me want a winter wedding by candlelight in a chapel in the middle of the woods Just fyi in case someone out there shares the same fantasy

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Summary And Both Were Young ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free Madeleine LEngle ¿ 5 Summary Hen Paul seems a stranger to her And since dating is forbidden except to seniors their romance must remain a secret With so many new feelings and obstacles to overcome in her present can Flip help Paul to confront his troubled past and find a futur. I think this may have been the last Madeleine L Engle book I read for the first time as a teenager And for some reason it holds a sort of distinction in my head because of that fact I like most other readers I know who love her books got in on the whole thing with A Wrinkle in Time moving on to the other Murry and O Keefe family books and then the Austin family series and so on from there I must have been somewhere around ten or so when I first read the Time series and by the time I got through all the others and worked my way around to her standalones I was a bit older Although one of my very favorite things about her body of young adult work is that there are so many connections between them And while AND BOTH WERE YOUNG is probably one of the most standalone of them all for the discerning reader there is a very lovely very obliue reference to its main character in L Engle s much later novel A Severed Wasp Interestingly I don t think I ever realized just how old this book is Originally published in 1949 it was actually her first young adult novel Incidentally my copy features the old 1983 cover But a lovely new hardback edition was just released on Tuesday and as it is one of my very favorite of L Engle s books I wanted to highlight it here while I convince my local bookshop to order a copy into the store Phillipa Hunter better known as Flip oh how much I love this never wanted to leave her father and her Connecticut home to come to a Swiss boarding school That was her father s new friend Eunice s bright idea Since her mother passed away Flip has grown even closer to her artist father and the idea of leaving him and attending a foreign school among a host of strange other girls terrifies her But her father is bound for China to draw and Eunice is traveling with him instead of Flip And so Flip tries to hide her trembling and put on a brave face for her father s sake But boarding school is just as alien and difficult as she feared Though the girls hail from all over the globe Flip finds it hard to fit in Long limbed and lacking in coordination she watches her fellow students from the sidelines and prays for the year to be up soon The one bright spot in the gloom is her art teacher Percy a young woman who seems to understand Flip s solitude and need to filter her kaleidoscopic emotions through some sort of creative act Then one day out exploring further than she ought to be above the school grounds Flip runs into a young man named Paul Paul lives with his father in a small cottage not far from the school These two dispossessed young teenagers form a friendship and in the process find the kind of acceptance and understanding in each other that they ve been searching for Flip is the kind of foot in her mouth arms and legs everywhere protagonist that I connected with instantly as a teen reader I loved her for her haplessness and the way that she just kept on stumbling through her outer coating of awkward to a place where she could voice her thoughts and experiences so that someone else could see them and appreciate her for who she was In my eyes that made her admirable that drive to keep going despite the many misconceptions and deliberate slights of those around her That was what was so hard for me at that age and I like to think I drew a little strength from watching her try and fail and try again and succeed It helped that her interactions with Percy were so poignant particularly in the wake of having lost her mother and being without her father The other girls at the school were especially well done as well At first you think they will be mere stereotypical characterizations the way Flip almost expects them to be but they each emerge from their initial roles to play an important part in Flip s development And then there s Paul Lovely Paul He has long reminded me of Jeff Greene from A Solitary Blue and a kinder less destructive Zachary Grey Yes You will fall in love with Paul just as much as Flip does And the even gratifying thing is that the story is not just about Flip s journey to self discovery but Paul s as well It s not all the way he fills her needs but how she fills his as he has an unusually dark past that he is rather successfully steadfastly refusing to deal with until Flip comes along This is an eternally sweet and moving book Like so many of L Engle s books I turn to this one when I want to be reminded that the world and the people in it can be beautiful despite the darkness